Artist Statement

My work is an exploration of colors, patterns, forms, lines and shapes fused together to evoke emotions, personality and experiences.

Creating allows me to reconcile my multicultural references: the influence of Asian, African and European ancestors; my birthplace –Martinique– with its own multiethnic heritage; my travels and the places where I lived –North and Latin America, France– as well as the Western civilization in which I am culturally grounded.

The latest series “The Fallen Gods” is an investigation on the cosmogony of the Taino Indians who inhabited the Caribbean before ʺ the Discovery of the New World ʺ in 1492, and the disappearance of the traditional gods in favor of the Conquerors’ religion. My narratives continues to involve past or current issues that are important to civilization such as my new series that the coral reefs which are at risk –particularly in the Caribbean– due to coastal development, watershed-based sediment and pollution, marine based threats, overfishing, acidification of the oceans and rising sea temperature.